Partners in Innovation: Jump Medical Visualization and the University of Illinois

We often hear the message of “being one” in organizations large and small, and certainly at OSF HealthCare. One OSF. We share our strengths and resources in efficiency and quality health care, yet we recognize the diverse innovative contributions of each individual.

Our focus and vision transitions beyond traditional medical care to broadly impact the overall health and wellness of the people we serve. Our model is person-centric, highly customized and based upon the needs of the individual. 

The Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, part of OSF Innovation, is regarded as one of the top medical simulation centers in the world and one of the largest. Born in a unique collaboration between OSF HealthCare and the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria in 2013, Jump Simulation is a powerful, creative and innovative resource that is unique in the state of Illinois and beyond. A major part of this tremendous resource comes from our partnership with the University of Illinois (U of I). Not just one campus, but three of them.
An industry-leading center of excellence is the Medical Visualization (MedVis) team at Jump. In just one year, the team (made up of visual designers, animators, medical illustrators, instructional designers, software developers, researchers, educators and videographers) has developed new solutions in patient care, health care education, clinical application and technology. Some of the new programs are a result of our ongoing partnerships with multiple campuses of the U of I.


Jump MedVis has been a research partner with the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) and its renowned Biomedical Visualization (BVis) graduate program for a couple of years. There is a regular exchange of professional development, with UIC graduate students currently developing dynamic projects to enhance learning through interactive technologies on behalf of OSF HealthCare. These include ultrasound imaging (interactive app for ultrasound guided peripheral line insertion) and diagnostic knee examination using augmented reality (AR). In addition, these students intern at Jump as part of the MedViz team and contribute new solutions in clinical education and research development.
On top of that, we maintain an OSF Innovation Lab at the UIC Innovation Center where we provide new coursework and collaborative efforts that will address some of the major issues in the health of our communities. OSF Innovation most recently became the first corporate partner of the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI), a new Chicago facility led by the University of Illinois, that’s expected to play a significant role in the future of health care at home and across the world. As U of I President Tim Killeen describes DPI, it will serve as an integral piece of an innovation network of “hubs” throughout the state.


Jump and engineering programs at the U of I Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have celebrated many successes through Jump ARCHES (Applied Research for Community Health through Engineering and Simulation). The $62.5 million endowment supports projects between clinicians and engineers developing technologies and devices that could revolutionize medical training and health care delivery.

The fund is maintained through a partnership between OSF HealthCare through Jump Simulation and the Health Care Engineering Systems Center at the UIUC. Serving as a catalyst for new breakthroughs and applications in addressing the many challenges and gaps in health care, the Jump MedVis team is partnering with Urbana bioengineers, mechanical engineers, educational developers, designers and researchers.
Currently, the Jump MedVis team has three ARCHES grants that we are working on with colleagues both in Urbana and the medical school in Peoria. The development of an interactive digital patient care app for heart failure will give new tools to patients and providers in managing this difficult disease.

The development of an interactive knee simulator (and accompanying interactive augmented reality app) will address the shortage of diagnostic resources in both medical school and in practice. And an amazing new mobile device-based diagnostic app for skin lesion assessment and education will merge smartphone technology and a cloud-based system with actual touch simulation interactivity.

Each project is unique and combines diverse research teams that will provide resources that simply do not exist…yet.


At the epicenter for innovation in medical visualization in Peoria is Jump. Serving as a hub for innovation in how new technologies in visualization and interactivity improve the health of those we serve, the Peoria facility often takes on the feel of being a “think tank” and active center for creative solutions to address challenges in patient care.
The Jump MedVis team has worked with many groups within OSF HealthCare to assist with the development of a new learning platform in virtual reality, applications for safety concerns in the hospital (falls, sepsis, fire in the operating room, pediatric intensive care, mass trauma, infection control and others), new educational programs for a new online learning management system (LMS) and interprofessional continuing education using simulation (awarding CME/CE credit as an approved provider).
Interns working in Peoria from UIC and UIUC have assisted with many of these projects and have also created new educational visual and animated assets for our colleagues at UICOMP.
With the largest medical center in Illinois (outside of Chicago), a top-rated children’s hospital, several colleges of nursing, a dynamic medical school, a technology rich environment, a carefully designed facility and world-class medical simulation center, Peoria has become a central location for positive change in health care. 

Final Thoughts

Often described as “the right brain of a left brain culture”, the creative energy and vision of the Jump MedVis team adds new ways of thinking and problem solving to the many challenges in health care. Utilizing new technologies and applications, Jump MedViz and its collaborators are making a difference in patient care, education and even changing unhealthy behaviors that can often lead to serious illness.
I must admit that much of this work is personal for me. As an alumnus of three University of Illinois campuses (Chicago, Springfield and Urbana-Champaign), a current faculty member at the Peoria and Chicago campuses, a researcher with the Urbana campus and the former director of the historic Biomedical Visualization graduate program at UIC, I bleed U of I blue!

It is a dream fulfilled to see how far we have come together. As the OSF-U of I partnerships (and others) continue to develop, we are taking the lead in new thinking and creative problem-solving. We are dramatically making improvements in health care on numerous levels.
We are better as one.
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