Medical Visualization Internship: Innovation in Action

This summer, the Jump Simulation Medical Visualization (MedVis) Department hosted four university student interns as part of the highly successful Jump Simulation Internship Program. The four MedVis interns joined twenty-five other summer interns from across the country in fields such as engineering, business, medicine and communications. The summer program provides students and recent graduates with health care focused projects, addressing many of the current needs and challenges facing OSF HealthCare and the world.

Medical Visualization internsThe MedVis interns have varying backgrounds, capabilities and fields of study. They include Steve Koza (BS, Graphic Design, Illinois State University), Zachary Abbott (Interactive Media: Game Design student, Bradley University), Jacquelyn Mason (MS, Biomedical Visualization, University of Illinois Chicago) and Eric Ou (Biomedical Visualization graduate student, University of Illinois Chicago).

They all share the common interest to create visual, engaging and often interactive solutions for health care. MedVis interns helped move forward numerous innovations at Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, a part of OSF Innovation and the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria. The diversity of experience, focus and production these four MedVis interns contributed to our mission cannot be easily measured. 

Jump Sim MedVis Manager Kyle Formella describes the internship:
“The internship program offers a mutually beneficial opportunity as the exchange of knowledge and collaboration is encouraged. Interns are given a chance to truly grow their skills in an environment where they are respected and acknowledged.”
MedVis team member Grace Hsu added: “The interns understand the language of science, medicine and technology as well as design, art and information delivery.”
Jump Sim received a grant from the Illinois Health & Hospital Association (IHA) to develop mobile apps to enhance simulation education and the four MedVis interns were all involved. One app was created in augmented reality (AR) to demonstrate the formation of thromboemoli in the veins (VTE) and pulmonary artery. Learners used anatomical “sticky note targets” applied to regions of the body and using a mobile device, launched a 3D animation of thrombus and embolism development.

User-friendly design applied to 3D learning platforms in virtual reality (VR) and for educational print material on CAUTI (catheter-associated urinary tract infection) were created by the MedVis interns. Graphic Designer Steve Koza described his intern experience at Jump:
“Graphic design and information technology impact most everyone in the world. The internship at Jump gave me a unique experience to apply graphic design and visual standards to new applications in an innovative health care environment.”
Other projects involving the Jump Sim MedVis interns included providing instructional animation and graphics for medical education in pathology, the exploration of CT/MR 3D anatomical image manipulation, creating immersive virtual environment learning spaces, developing visual lecture resources of regional anatomy and producing simple, well-designed graphics for Jump Sim course offerings.
In summing up her experience at Jump this summer, medical visualization specialist Jackie Mason reflects on her opportunities on the internship:
UICOMP image“It's incredibly rewarding to know that what you're creating can help someone understand a complex topic in science or medicine. Jump Sim has a mission-driven vision of innovation in the medical education space. Interning at Jump has been a truly exciting and inspirational experience.”

Zach Abbott, an interactive media & game design major added:
“Prior to my experience at Jump, I had made games that some would consider "serious" or "meaningful." These games held stories with morals and an overall message, but they never really put learning into the player's hands. This is something that I have learned to do with Jump Sim. All of the aspects of what we do here at Jump are revolutionary, and I am not only proud to be part of the team but am also excited to see where we go from here!”
Medical Visualization (MedVis) is ever-expanding profession in health care and impacts patient engagement, continuing education, simulation-based learning clinical education and immersive 3D environments. Jump Sim is a respected leader in much of this expansion, with a goal of improving educational, clinical and financial outcomes at OSF HealthCare.
Eric Ou, a bioengineer who is completing his Master’s degree at University of Illinois Chicago commented on his experience at Jump in the Medical Visualization Department:
“My time in the internship at Jump has been fantastic, exceeding all of my expectations. The amount of technology and opportunities available here was a real eye opener for me. Meeting with medical professionals one-on-one and having them imbue me with their experience in this field has widened my hologram UIscope of what I can accomplish in the future. The innovative spirit at Jump opens up new avenues for blending games and education in a health care setting. Most hospitals wouldn't think of using something like this as part of their nurse training curriculum, and it is stuff like this that sets Jump Sim apart. The potential to improve patient care results and cost savings is huge.”
One of the visionaries and the creator of the Jump Simulation internship program is Dr. John Vozenilek, Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer at Jump, the Duane and Mary Cullinan Professor of Simulation Outcomes at UICOMP, and a faculty member of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign College of Engineering. Dr. Vozenilek shares:
“The Jump Simulation Medical Visualization team for OSF Innovation launched the first in a series of serious games for professionals involved in clinical care.  As we look at how we train and who we train, we believe that professional adult-learners need relevant, timely, self-paced and engaging mobile learning opportunities. This work was sponsored in part by the Illinois Hospital Association to reduce hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) and readmissions under the new national Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) program. Our simulation class for C. diff rocked with the game here at Jump. Jump Sim and our partner, CSE Software, made it happen. It does Play in Peoria!
Here is the link to the game: free download!
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