Usability Services

Our well-rounded testing environment and clinical experts can help you assess and bring your innovative health care technology or device to market. Combined with our realistic patient care settings, new ideas can be implemented with state-of-the-art simulation technology to produce maximum impact.



  • Validation of claims through simulation and testing
  • Integrated health care delivery system for clinical trials
  • On-site clinical SMEs for advanced focus groups & testing
  • Specialized, custom simulators for device testing
  • Customized end-user education tools

Our platform provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to collaborate and learn from subject matter experts. We work collaboratively to test and refine solutions within our own comprehensive patient-care settings, including hospitals, medical offices, emergency departments, patient homes and medical transport vehicles.

Our next-generation technology enables transformation by scouting, curating and implementing promising IT-enabled solutions while partnering with providers to speed adoption and maximize scale and impact.