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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Simulation labs at Jump replicate every kind of clinical space from the ambulance to the patient care room, intensive care unit, surgical suite and beyond. Each space is fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices and technology. Additionally, private viewing areas outside each space allow for facilitator observation that does not obstruct the simulation experience.


Anatomical Skills

The Anatomical Skills lab is a space designed for the education and training of health care professionals through realistic learning experiences. Fresh frozen cadavers, cadaveric parts and food-grade animal tissue are used for intricate dissection, procedural practice, surgical training and refinement of surgical techniques.

Equipment and Accomodations

  • Men's and women's locker rooms.
  • Anatomical prep room with walk-in freezer, refrigeration unit and instrument washer/disinfector.
  • Medical air, medical vacuum, nitrogen and electric outlets.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including scrubs, gowns, aprons, gloves, shoe covers, head coverings/surgical caps, masks and eye protection (goggles, face shields).
  • C-arm fluoro x-ray with lead aprons, thyroid shields and safety glasses.

Other equipment and accommodations may be available upon request. Where appropriate, outside equipment and instrumentation may be used with prior notice.

Note: Jump Simulation holds responsibility for purchasing cadavers required for usage in our facility; outside specimens are not permitted. All specimens are procured through accredited vendors, and are serologically tested for HIV, HBV, HCV and syphilis.

Work Station Arrangement

The lab is set up with a proctor station and four "student" stations; however, this arrangement can be flexed to fit the user’s needs. Each station consists of a dissecting table, a flat-panel HD display monitor and overhead surgical lights with onboard camera. The proctor station has a radiolucent surgical table, while the student stations have stainless steel dissecting tables. The proctor monitor can be linked to the student station monitors to stream live images/video.

Conference Capabilities

Various lecture rooms with full meeting support services are available for didactic segments, accommodating up to 300 people. Catering and AV needs are available as well.

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