Summer STEAM Series: Advanced Mini Med School (9th - 12th Grade)

Jump Simulation Center
1306 N. Berkeley Avenue
Peoria, Illinois 61603

1:00PM - 5:00AM CDT

Event Cost: $295

Event Capacity: 25

Registration Closes: 7/26/2019

Contact: Jump Events Team


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This week long, Summer STEAM Series: Advanced Mini Med School offers a glimpse of what medical students learn about the human body at the most fundamental level.  This hands-on learning opportunity involves brief lectures followed by interactive sessions that include dissecting of the anatomy and testing the physiology in laboratory and clinical scenarios in our world-class Anatomical Skills lab.  Each day will offer learners an introspective look at a different system of the human body.  Learners will be able to use clinical tools as well as real human and animal specimens to help them discover what’s happening in their own body.

Who should register for this course?

  • Students interested in a career in medicine.
  • Students who have taken the STEAM Saturday Mini Med School and are looking for a more in depth experience (not a requirement).
  • Students who have taken the Summer STEAM Camp in previous years and are looking for a different experience.