STEAM Saturday: Mini Med School for Beginners (6th - 8th Grade)

Jump Simulation Center
1306 N. Berkeley Avenue
Peoria, Illinois 61603

8:00AM - 12:00PM CST

Event Capacity: 25

Registration Closes: 3/4/2019

Contact: Events Liaisons


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STEM Mini Med School for Beginners will provide attendees with a glimpse of what medical students learn about the human body at the most fundamental level. The course has been designed to encourage middle school aged students to consider an educational pathway to the medical fields by giving learners an introspective look at all 11 systems of the human body. This half day, hands-on learning opportunity involves brief lectures followed by interactive sessions that include dissecting of the anatomy and testing the physiology in laboratory and clinical scenarios at a world-class medical simulation center. The course will also motivate learners to take an introspective look at their own health by using clinical tools and real human and animal specimens to discover what’s happening in their own body to understand the importance of making healthy choices.

The cost for this course is $65.