Trauma Service Courses - Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) - October 2017

Jump Simulation Center
1306 N. Berkeley Avenue
Peoria, Illinois 61603

8:00AM - 5:00PM CDT

Seats Left: 24

Registration Opens: 8/17/2017

Contact: Sally Griepentrog


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Tags: Education Course, EMS


Course Objectives: 
• Demonstrate concepts and principles of primary & secondary patient assessment. 
• Establish management priorities in a trauma situation 
• Initiate primary and secondary management necessary within the “golden hour” for the emergency care of acute life-threatening emergencies 
• Demonstrate, in a given simulated clinical and surgical skill practicum, the following skills used in the initial assessment and management of patients with multiple injuries: 
1. Primary and secondary assessment of a patient with simulated, multiple injuries. 
2. Establishing a patent airway and initiating one- and two-person ventilation. 
3. Orotracheal and nasotracheal intubation. 
4. Pulse oximetry and carbon dioxide detection in exhaled gas. 
5. Cricothyroidotomy 
6. Assessment and management of the patient in shock, especially recognition of life-threatening hemorrhage. 
7. Venous and intraosseous access. 
8. Pleural decompression via needle thoracentesis and chest tube insertion. 
9. Recognition of cardiac tamponade and performance of pericardiocentesis. 
10. Clinical & radiographic identification of thoracic injuries. 
11. Peritoneal lavage, ultrasound, and CT evaluation of the abdomen. 
12. Evaluation & management of the patient with brain injury, including the use of Glasgow Coma Scale Score and CT of the brain. 
13. Assessment of head and facial trauma by physical examination. 
14. Protection of the spinal cord, and radiographic and clinical evaluation of spine injuries. 
15. Musculoskeletal trauma assessment and management. 
16. Estimation of the size and depth of burn injury and volume resuscitation. 

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