In addition to our state-of-the-art facilities, Jump Simulation also offers an extensive collection of progressive medical equipment, task trainers, manikins and trainers created or re-purposed by our talented staff.

This equipment is carefully selected to enable our learners to have the closest experience possible to treating a live procedure, injury or condition. If a certain curriculum necessitates a type of task trainer or device not available on the market, Jump engineers are available to create a piece to fill the need. This provides Jump Sim an unparalleled inventory of learning tools.


LifePak 20

LifePack 20

This monitor is used in medical simulations and delivers live energy

Sim Pad


Used to deliver highly effective simulation-based training

Vital Sim Box

Vital Sim

Connects to manikins and skill trainers to simulate sounds, blood pressure and pulses

Alaris Smart Pump

Alaris Smart Pump

Delivers fluids, medications and blood to patient

Drager Baby Incubator

Dräger Infant Warmer

For labor and delivery procedures, provides heating to the infant and has components necessary for clinical emergencies and resuscitation

Giraffe incubator

Giraffe Incubator

Provides heating to the infant in an enclosed healing environment, and includes an in-bed scale and oxygen delivery system


Halsted Cradle

A basic cradle for use with the SimBaby



Simulates a patient monitor, allows the instructor to control parameters

Anesthesia Cart

Anesthesia Cart


Emergency Department Cart

Ed 2x2 Cart


Portable Head Wall

Portable Head Wall

Generates vacuum, air and simulated oxygen by connecting to an external compressor

cpr meter

CPR Meter

Gives feedback to determine if CPR is being done correctly

Adult Bed

Adult Bed


Blue Alert Cart

Blue Alert Cart


Emergency Department Gurney

ED Gurney


EMT Stretcher

EMT Stretcher


GI Bronch VR trainer

GI Bronch VR Trainer


Pediatric Crash Cart

Pediatric Crash Cart


MamaNatalie Birthing Simulation

Can be worn by standardized participant for role play of complex or normal birthing scenarios

AED Trainer

Designed for learning sudden cardiac arrest scenarios

This equipment and more is ready for you to use in your upcoming simulation event at Jump!