In addition to our state-of-the-art facilities, Jump Simulation also offers an extensive collection of progressive medical equipment, task trainers, manikins and trainers created or re-purposed by our talented staff.

This equipment is carefully selected to enable our learners to have the closest experience possible to treating a live procedure, injury or condition. If a certain curriculum necessitates a type of task trainer or device not available on the market, Jump engineers are available to create a piece to fill the need. This provides Jump Sim an unparalleled inventory of learning tools.


Megacode Kelly

MegaCode Kelly

Realistic manikin for training a range of advanced life-saving skills in pre-hospital emergencies

Megacode Kid

MegaCode Kid

Realistic simulator for training in a wide range of pediatric advanced life-saving skills in pre-hospital emergencies

Sim Baby


Ideal for team training for routine to critical infant care

Sim Jr


Replicated 6-year-old that allows learners to practice a broad range of general and specialized pediatric skills

Dark Skin SimJr

Dark Skin Toned SimJunior

Same as SimJunior Learn about diversifying learner opportunities

Sim Man


Ideal for running codes and advanced life-saving scenarios

SimMan 3G

SimMan 3G

Wireless simulator ideal for training in small spaces such as on the floor or in the back of an ambulance

ALS Simulator

SimMan ALS

Realistic interactive training manikin for simulating a wide range of advanced life-saving skills

SimMan Essentail

SimMan Essential

Wireless simulator ideal for teaching core skills of airway, breathing, cardiac and circulation management



Full-body, interactive birthing simulator for training in a range of midwifery and obstetrics skills

Noelle Birthing Mom

Noelle Birthing Mom

Full-body, birthing simulator

Sim NewB


Designed to meet training requirements of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program and additional neonatal courses

Trauma Man with Articulating Head

Anatomically correct body used for advanced trauma training. Features tissue simulated bleeding and provides airway response

Trauma Man - Surgical Abdomen

Used for diagnosis and treatment of an aortic injury

Trauma Child

Realistic child size body and head for advanced trauma training

Newborn Anne

Newborn Anne

Designed to focus on the critical resuscitation skills required in the first ten minutes of a newborn’s life

Resusci Anne

Resusci Anne

Designed to measure CPR performance, assess the results of the performance and facilitate good feedback to the instructor

Nursing Anne

Designed to allow nurses to train basic and advances skills

Premature Anne

Realistic 25-week pre-term manikin for care and resuscitation training

This equipment and more is ready for you to use in your upcoming simulation event at Jump!