Cultivating STEAM Talent

Employees with STEAM skills are crucial for research and development, creating and adopting innovations and working in technologically challenging jobs. In some fields, such as health care, serious skilled manpower shortages are projected over the next decade. We are working in a number of ways to equip the children of today with the strong Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills they’ll need to be successful in the technologically demanding fields of tomorrow.

STEAM Immersion Programs for Middle and High School Students

Jump Sim offers students interested in health care-related careers hands-on experiences solving real-world problems in anatomy, physiology, nursing and emergency medical services, creative services, technology, and engineering.
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Engineering Internship Program

Jump Sim offers college students majoring in engineering fields, computer science, industrial design, medicine or biomedical visualization/medical illustration the mentorship and experience necessary to design, prototype and ultimately bring to market ideas for health care simulators and other devices.
A subset of this program, the Clinical Immersion Internship, gives a select group of students the opportunity to be integrated into the clinical environment to observe and interview physicians, nurses, technologists and specialists throughout OSF to glean ideas for health care simulators and devices.

UICOMP Pre-Med Immersion Experience

Jump Sim offers an immersive, two-week clinical experience to college students planning to attend medical school. Participants of this program are exposed to a range of clinical roles within OSF HealthCare and get a taste of the medical school experience.
Students will learn basic anatomy and physiology, will receive Basic Life Support training and certification and will practice interacting with patients and members of the clinical team in different care settings.