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Medical carts are often kept locked until they are used during an emergency or procedure, in order to ensure accuracy of contents. This presents challenges for clinicians to competently know what is contained and where items are located, since they cannot simply open and explore certain carts when it is convenient for them to learn. Seconds and minutes can change the outcome in an emergency, and knowing a cart inside and out can reduce time to interventions.

With the immersion of augmented reality, users can explore realistically scaled and highly detailed versions of their local organization's medical carts. The Medical Cart AR app features different modes that allow for a more relaxed experienced, or one that pits users against the clock to find items as quickly as possible. 

  • An intuitive experience throughout, with built-in tutorials within AR modes
  • Users can install multiple different carts from more than one organization
  • Privacy focused data management


  • Quick Search - a 2D interface for quick access to a searchable list of what is contained in a specific cart
  • Explore AR Cart - interact with the 3D cart using AR, with the ability to see full information on every item, what it looks like and where it's located in/on the cart
  • Timed Challenges - race against the clock in search of items, featuring both full random mode and curated "instructor lists"

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