Kelly Cone



Emergency Medicine





Medical School & Residencies

UIC and Saint Louis University



I started my nursing career at ICC. I worked for a small hospital for a few months and came to OSF after graduation in 1984. I worked in cardiac care and then moved to the ED where I practiced over 20 years. During my time in the ED, I felt like I needed more education so I went to SFMC CON for my BSN. During this time I taught assessment and concepts lab to defer some tuition costs. I fell in love with teaching! I graduated in '92 and went on to UIC for my MSN finishing in '95. My research was on the topic on nursing assessment in the ED and how education on the topic improved documentation.

I had a teaching background and education in the role of the CNS. At this point I continued working in the ED, and taught at Mennonite CON in the undergraduate program. I was also asked to teach the Advanced Health Assessment course for UIC at the Peoria site.

While working at Mennonite, some colleagues were going back for their PhD. I was accepted at Saint Louis University and started back for my PhD in fall '97 and finished in 2001. My dissertation was on the development and testing of a tool to identify the perception of readiness to practice at triage. The Triage Decision Making tool is now used in the US military, Middle East, Asia, and in South America.

During this time, a full-time opening became available SFMC CON and I applied in '98. I taught undergrad and then transitioned into the MSN and DNP programs exclusively in 2005. I am the lead faculty for the DNP - clinician track and the co-lead for the CNS track.