Shannon Egli

Shannon Egli

Anatomical Coordinator




Medical School & Residencies


As Anatomical Coordinator at Jump Simulation, Shannon Egli oversees the daily activities of the Anatomical Lab (Surgical) Lab. These activities center on anatomical training and preparation for realistic surgical procedure simulations using cadaveric specimens for medical education and research. The lab hosts nearly every career path in medical education from surgeons, residents, nurses and allied health professionals to medical technology companies, pre-med college students and STEAM kids with an interest in health science and medical education.
Shannon is also a member of the Health Science/ Pathology faculty at the University of Illinois College of Medicine where he teaches Medical Anatomy. With a multi-career background from sous chef and mechanic to medic and biomedical scientist, Shannon uses his experience to create the most realistic learning environment to develop engaging educational content as well as innovative new approaches to instructive models and modalities in medical simulation.