Educational and Behavioral Research Programs

Educational and Behavioral Research Programs | Research CycleIn the educational research domain, Jump pairs excellence in instructional design with clinical experts to maximize simulation’s impact on our learners.

Educational research requires a rigor of assessment and appropriate resources for success. While all of our educational efforts will have relevant and meaningful outcome metrics, only a few will rise to the level of educational research.

Deliberate practice and video-enhanced feedback are used to inspire clinicians and create insight. We then pair these educational events to data from the clinical spaces where our caregivers work to determine their direct impact on patient care.

Success in educational research may be identified by increased competence based on observational markers, changes in process or behavior, and ultimately patient safety, and other clinical outcomes.

Not every piece of educational research revolves around a technical skill; our instructors study patient outcomes that are affected by non-technical performance and human factors.

  • CVC Project

    Educational and Behavioral Research Programs | CVC ThumbThe CVC, or Central Venous Catheter, Project compares simulation-based training vs. standard training for placing central lines.

    The goal of the study is to reduce complication rates, thus reducing patient length of stay and lowering costs.

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  • Procedural Sedation

    Educational and Behavioral Research Programs | Sedation ThumbThe goal of the study is to analyze whether video self-assessment works as well as standard debriefing.

    Debriefing is a time and labor intensive activity; if one could establish an equivalent process (video debriefing), it may result in less human resource utilization.

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  • Emergency Medicine Milestones

    Educational and Behavioral Research Programs | Emergency Medicine Milestones Thumb

    Jump is participating in a nationwide study determining the reliability of high fidelity simulation cases that are used to assess Emergency Medicine residents.
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  • Employee and Patient Perceptions of Safety and Teamwork

    Educational and Behavioral Research Programs | Perceptions of Safety Thumb

    The study was looking there was an impact on employee perceptions of safety climate and patient observations of staff teamwork.
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  • Learning Climate

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