Research at Jump

The research agenda for Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center is shaped by the moral, ethical, and spiritual values of The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis.

Our investigators work to improve patient safety, ensure access to health care of the highest quality, and bend the cost curve in the medical industry as we impact human lives throughout the world. Beyond that, our research aims to ensure our learners display compassionate competence in the field.

The research produced by Jump and its associates uses simulation and engineering techniques to ensure that the hospitals, clinics, offices, outpatient centers, and home health care systems we serve are optimally designed to improve patient outcomes.

This type of effort impacts lives, not just processes. Our vision to improve health care delivery will result in more efficient and compassionate care while serving the OSF Mission to serve with "the greatest care and love."

Research Phases

The research phases used by Jump differ from the standard used by most clinical research agendas. While all of our research projects fall under one of the phases, not every criteria for that phase has to be met.

Research Phase Graphics | Phase 1 Phase I: Grant prospecting, research design, protocol development, baseline data, preparation for research.

Research Phase Graphics | Phase 2 Phase II: Approvals, contract finalization, operational planning, budget development, roll out, pre-testing, dry runs.

Research Phase Graphics | Phase 3 Phase III: Implementation, enrollment, review, testing, data collection, data quality assurance, preparation for statistical review.

Research Phase Graphics | Phase 4 Phase IV: Data analysis planning, query resolutions, manuscript preparation, presentation of outcomes, publication.

Types of Research

Currently, all of our research falls under one of the three categories:

Educational research focuses on improving the courses and simulation provided for OSF HealthCare. Translational research focuses on cycles of discovery and design. Applied research focuses on taking existing technology and applying it to health care.

To learn more about each of these phases, and some of the projects Jump has been working on, click on one of the categories in the list above.