About the Partnership

Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center and OSF HealthCare are founding partners of the Chicago-based incubator, MATTER. MATTER works to develop innovative products and services to transform health care.

Health care industry experts from Jump and OSF mentor entrepreneurs at MATTER to aid in the development of new products and services. One of the end goals is to implement the most appropriate innovations throughout the OSF HealthCare Ministry.

Strategic Partners | MATTER (Logo)


MATTER is a not-for-profit community of healthcare entrepreneurs and industry leaders working together in a shared space to individually and collectively fuel the future of healthcare innovation.

They welcome entrepreneurs and industry leaders from a range of fields—including healthcare IT, medical devices, diagnostics and biopharma—who are passionate about creating products and services that advance the healthcare industry.

MATTER is a supportive space that illuminates the path to success through mentorship, networking and shared resources. They provide a sense of community among members and extend out to the greater healthcare network, both locally and globally.

They're here to build heroic new businesses to improve people’s lives. To inspire change. To embrace experimentation. To do something that matters.

MATTER is supported by the state of Illinois and recently secured private-sector commitments of over $4 million which complements the $2.5 million grant and $1.5 million loan provided by the State of Illinois.