About the Partnership

OSF HealthCare and Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center work with AVIA to find the latest technology solutions for health care provider needs. Based in Chicago, AVIA applies a rigorous vetting process to discover the best emerging health care technology products and services. OSF and Jump, along with other providers, are able to provide input on the most necessary and viable solutions to aid the transformation of health care. 

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About AVIA

AVIA’s mission is to help healthcare providers build competitive advantage by effectively leveraging emerging technology-enabled innovations.

AVIA was formed by two successful, serial healthcare entrepreneurs, Eric Langshur and Ted Meisel. Through their respective journeys, they recognized fundamentally different expectations between provider organizations that are ready to adopt emerging solutions and entrepreneurs who are actively developing cutting-edge solutions. Langshur and Meisel created AVIA to address this challenge, close the gap and ensure that providers and entrepreneurs are well-aligned.

AVIA has since grown into a multidisciplinary team whose expertise spans clinical medicine, care delivery, strategy, innovation and venture. Our innovator network has also expanded to represent leading healthcare institutions across the country. We are actively partnering with other like-minded organizations to ensure that we create a vibrant ecosystem with fewer barriers to identifying, implementing and realizing the impact of emerging solutions.