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  • Building a 3D Heart Library

    Jump has teamed up with Dr. Matthew Bramlet of Children's Hospital of Illinois to work on creating exact replica models of children's hearts.

    We are using these models for surgical planning, but there is great opportunity for sharing this information with the world in a library format. The ability of a physician to hold a physical 3D model in her hand creates a vastly better understanding of a patient's heart & how to treat it.

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  • NIH 3D Print Exchange

    3D Heart Library | NIH 3D Print Exchange LogoWe hope to take the benefit of the 3D modeling resources that we have available here at Jump and to make it available to anybody.

    We really see a lot of potential for the future of the NIH 3D Print Exchange and medical or anatomic libraries.

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  • Leveraging 3D Printing for Patients

    3D Heart Library | Video - Leveraging 3D Printing for Patient Treatment
  • 3D Heart Library

    3D Heart Library | Video - 3D Heart Library
  • 3D Print Exchange

    3D Heart Library | Video - 3D Print Exchange


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