Support Equipment

  • LifePack 20

    Equipment | LifePak 20This monitor is used in medical simulations and delivers live energy

  • SimPad

    Equipment | Sim PadUsed to deliver highly effective simulation-based training

  • Vital Sim

    Equipment | Vital Sim BoxConnects to mannequins and skill trainers to simulate sounds, blood pressure, and pulses

  • Alaris Smart Pump

    Equipment | Alaris Smart PumpDelivers fluids, medications, and blood to patient

  • Dräger Infant Warmer

    Equipment | Dräger Infant WarmerFor labor and delivery procedures, provides heating to the infant and has components necessary for clinical emergencies and resuscitation

  • Giraffe Incubator

    Equipment | Giraffe IncubatorProvides heating to the infant in an enclosed healing environment, and includes an in-bed scale and oxygen delivery system

  • Halsted Cradle

    Equipment | Halsted CradleA basic cradle for use with the SimBaby

  • ALSi

    Equipment | ALSISimulates a patient monitor, allows the instructor to control parameters

  • Anesthesia Cart

    Equipment | Anesthesia Cart

  • Ed 2x2 Cart

    Equipment | Ed Cart

  • Portable Head Wall

    Equipment | Portable Head WallGenerates vacuum, air and, simulated oxygen by connecting to an external compressor

  • CPR Meter

    Equipment | CPR MeterGives feedback to determine if CPR is being done correctly