The Jump staff is a small, but mighty team. Recognizing that the clinicians at OSF HealthCare and faculty at University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria are the experts in each of their respective fields, Jump offers an opportunity for mentorship to determine what types of training are best suited for simulation based on positive learner outcomes. Our staff will assist with the transition, training, coordination and execution of simulation events. 

  • Staff | Noel Adams

    Noël Adams

    Director of Operations

  • Staff | Sister Angelita

    Sister Angelita


  • Staff | Scott Barrows

    Scott Barrows

    Director of Simulation Programming

  • Staff | Lauren Beer

    Lauren Beer

    Financial Analyst

  • Staff | Paul Born

    Paul Born

    Administrative Assistant

  • Staff | Alexandra Conley

    Alexandra Conley

    Video Production Intern

  • Staff | Kimberly Cooley

    Kimberly Cooley

    Research Coordinator

  • Staff | Shannon Egli

    Shannon Egli

    Anatomical Coordinator

  • Staff | Blair Engerman

    Blair Engerman

    Research Assistant

  • Staff | Jason Farber

    Jason Farber

    Simulation Specialist

  • Staff | John Farmer

    John Farmer

    Multimedia Specialist

  • Staff | Matthew Ferguson

    Matthew Ferguson

    Multimedia Specialist

  • Staff | Kyle Formella

    Kyle FormellaAbout Us | Icon - LinkedIn 16px

    Manager of Media Services

  • Staff | Lynn Geier

    Lynn Geier

    Curriculum Coordinator

  • Faculty | Don Halpin

    Don Halpin

    Healthcare Systems Engineer

  • Staff | Dan Hammerton

    Dan Hammerton

    Business Analyst Intern

  • Staff | Meghan Hand

    Meghan Hand

    Simulation Specialist

  • Staff | Betsy Holzwarth

    Elizabeth Holzwarth

    Educational Program Assistant

  • Staff | Dustin Holzwarth

    Dustin Holzwarth

    Simulation Specialist

  • Staff | Rachel Horn-Close

    Rachel Horn-Close

    Simulation Specialist

  • Staff | Grace Hsu

    Grace Hsu

    Experiential Instructional Design Developer

  • Staff | Ruth Lane

    Ruth Lane

    Program Evaluation Coordinator

  • Staff | Chris Larkner

    Chris Larkner

    Simulation Specialist

  • Staff | Lynne Madori

    Lynne Madori

    Standardized Participants Manager

  • Staff | Gregory Podolej

    Gregory Podolej

    Simulation Fellow

  • Staff | Paul Pribaz

    Paul Pribaz

    Vice President Simulation Administration

  • Staff | Breanna Rogy

    Breanna Rogy

    Events Liaison

  • Staff | Tori Russell

    Tori Russell

    Simulation Specialist

  • Staff | Chase Salazar

    Chase Salazar

    Research Assistant

  • Staff | Kristi Sanders

    Kristi Sanders

    Simulation Manager

  • Staff | Richa Shah

    Richa Shah

    Business Analyst Intern

  • Staff | Jessica Short

    Jessica Svendsen

    Manager, Jump ARCHES

  • Staff | Debra Spencer

    Debra Spencer

    Administrative Assistant

  • Staff | Mayank Taneja

    Mayank Taneja

    Manager, Usability Studies

  • Staff | Petra Vlkova

    Petra Vlkova

    Business Analyst Intern

  • Staff | Erika Wilkerson

    Erika Wilkerson

    Events Liaison